Publications in the Works

I’m in the process of getting some of my previous works published once again. Some just needed new covers. Some were re-edited. Over all, I’m starting over.

Non-fiction books will be published under my real name. The fiction books will be under pen names based on the different genres. The paranormal stories will be published under Shadow Steele. The first book under the Steele name will be coming out in April/May of this year. It will be a republishing of my Connections series.

The romances will be published under Tatiana Wynter. The first one will be a novella published with a group of other female authors. Then a stand alone larger novella will be released. That should be around mid-summer.

Mysteries will be the name of R.G. Stonewall. These are the least developed of my genre which means I’ll be working on getting some rough drafts done soon.

Drama and Chick Lit will be published under Juliette Marcoux. One of these for sure will be sent to an agent. Hoping that will get a new level of attention. Two others under this name will come out this summer.

Fantasy/Science Fiction style stories will be published under the name Kestrel Portall. The first of these will be published sometime in the fall.

Stay tuned as more news comes and new books are published.

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