I Have the Dropsies

No, I am not contagious. At least I hope not. It is a horrible thing to have. Once it starts, it only seems to get worse.

I got up the other morning and knocked my glasses onto the floor. With a groan, I retrieved them which was difficult since I needed my glasses to see. Then my phone fell on the floor with a clatter when I sat back up from getting my glasses. Good timing as I had my glasses then to see where it was.

All was good for a few minutes until I dropped the soap in the shower. As I reached to get that, I knocked over the shampoo bottle. The day was not starting off well, in case you hadn’t noticed.

After dropping the car keys twice, I managed to get into the car and start toward work. You’ll be glad to know that this serious illness did not show symptoms on the drive to work. Myself and all other drivers remained safe.

At work, the symptoms resurfaced at an alarming rate. Sitting my purse on my desk, it tumbled over and spilled half its contents. Thankfully, the kitchen sink remained buried at the bottom with anything useful I typically need. It only got worse from there. I sat down in my chair and knocked the stapler over which then caused my pen to roll off the desk and bounce onto the carpet.

Needless to say, I was not exactly in a sunshiny mood or even a partly cloudy one. My boss walked in, and my good morning was far from good. Coffee was needed. No! It was a necessity.

It was good for a spell as I poured the coffee and put in the cream and sugar. Picking up the cup, I sloshed coffee on the counter. Geez! Could it get any worse? Yep, I said that. Stupid me actually asked that question.

I cleaned the mess up. That well pretty well for which I am thankful. On the way to my desk, I took a sip and dribbled quite a bit of coffee all over my light beige top. Yep, day was still going great.

For a couple of hours, the symptoms subsided. Lunch rolled around. Still things were okay. It was in the middle of a meeting, the symptoms showed themselves again. A pen fell onto the floor, not once but three times. I knocked over my bottle of water. Then I tripped as I stood up to leave. Great presentation.

The symptoms continued after I got home. I gave up cooking dinner when I dropped the chicken on the floor much to the delight of the dogs. I’m on the way to bed. Hoping the symptoms continue to be controlled I can get things done right.

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