Books by Shadow Steele

These are paranormal stories written under the pen name of Shadow Steele.

Life gets complicated sometimes. A school teacher just wants to teach and enjoy life with her friends. A little romance makes it even better, but why does it have to go wrong with a stalker? Not just any stalker. This one has supernatural abilities. Get your copy here.

Brenna and Slaton thought they had killed the stalker. Now he is back and angrier than ever. He will have Brenna and the power that comes with her, even if he has to kill everyone to get her. In order to keep Brenna safe, Slaton has to get her to safety. Will the survive the journey? Get your copy here.

Brenna feels that she has lost everything. Sealed up within a mountain, she has to come to terms with her new life and the life she carries. It must come to an end. Is she ready to face her very own demon? Get your copy here.

Get all three Connections books in one. Read the entire story of Brenna and Slaton. Get your copy here.