I’ve been writing online for over ten years. The sites you can find my pieces include Medium, LinkedIn, and HubPages. They are listed below. Feel free to read and share.

Note: I have recently decided to upgrade this list and clean it up. So I am starting from scratch. Please be patient as the articles get listed once again and new ones added to it.

Ways to Improve Reading Retention – reading, education

The History of Dime Novels and Magazines – history, books

Jackson was the Answer for the Americans in 1828 – history, Education

Clash of Cultures in Historical Fiction Pieces – history, literature

Picture Writing Prompt — Two Girls – writing

Did Andrew Jackson Hate the American Indians? – History

Top Areas Employees Can Seek Self-Improvement – Business/Career

The Purpose of Quotation Marks – Writing, Editing

Creative Acrostic Author Interview Question – Book Reviewing, Blogging

Man’s Nature – Christianity, Religion

How to Use Envelope Budgeting – Finance, Budgeting

Reading Vocabulary – How to Improve Your Vocabulary – Education, Reading

What is History and How It Applies to Your Life – Education