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Work (in the Office or at Home)

Beginner Homesteading

The Civilization of Mycenae

Cold War as Reality in Decolonized Asia

Cornwallis — A Leader to be Admired

Could the Peloponnesian War Have Been Avoided?

Creation of President’s Day

The Dangers of Revisionism of the Rape of Nanking

Death Becoming Intentional As the World Moved Toward the Holocaust

Describing Feelings With Action

The Design of Washington, D.C.

The Desire for Seclusion and Oneness in the World Today

The Development of the American Postal System

Did Andrew Jackson Hate the American Indians?

Did the Invention of the Sewing Machine Backfire

Discovering Local History

Don’t Edit While You Write

Don’t Send Your Book To A Reviewer Without Permission

Editing The First Draft: Does It Belong?

Editing Your History Paper

European Possession Of Africa

The Evolution of Athenian Democracy

Examining Primary Sources: Usamah Ibn Munqidh’s Autobiography

Exploring the Setting and Themes of Dickens and Doerr

The False Dmitrii Phenomenon

Feeding Your Family on $50 a Week

Finding History in Quilts

The First Printing Press

Fitting Writing into a Fulltime Work Schedule

The Founding of Jamestown

France And Russia Reactions To the Enlightenment

The French and Indian War’s Reshaping of America

The Fundamental Effect of the Black Death

The Good Intentions of the Carpetbaggers

A Good Price Markets Your Book

The Gracchi Murders

Grand Firmament – Alliance of Secret Societies

The Grand Union Flag

Great Reforms of Alexander II

Greek Vs Persian Military

Growing Seed Parable

Having Fun With a Household Budget

Healthy Eating and Budgeting

Healthy Snacks to Keep at Your Desk at the Office

Healthy Tips for Working from Home

Heinrich Schliemann and His Discoveries

Herbs and Spices – Is There Really a Difference?

Historical Characters We Love to Hate

Historical Fiction That Makes You Think

History of Plagiarism

History of Slavery Used by Abolitionist

The History of the Stars and Stripes

How History Was Used to Justify Slavery

How Jefferson Davis’ Mistakes Failed the Confederacy

How Science Justified Slavery

How the Marian Reforms Impacted the Roman Military

How the Nazis Used Ghettos to Separate the Jews

How to Completely Change the Office You Work In

How to Create a Facebook Event

How to Recognize a Needless Scene

How to Start Saving Money When You Have None

How to Teach Study Skills

How to Tell if Your Office is Toxic

How to Work on Multiple Writing Projects at One Time

How to Write A Quality Book Review

How Writing Challenges Help Authors

Humanism as the Foundation of the Reformation

Humanism Making Religion Personal Again in the Renaissance

Humility Is Needed as a Writer

Ideologies Influence on French Revolution

Inaugural Addresses as Pulse of Nation

Indentured Servants

Impact of Imperialism on Africa Today

The Importance of Fur Trade in the New World

The Indifference of Nazi Killers

The Influences of the Persian Empire

Influential Publishers – Beadle and Adams

The Intent of the Carpetbagger

Introduction to Albert Einstein

It Can Be Fun Developing Histories Of Your Characters

Jackson’s Surprise Run for the White House

Jacksonian America a Glimpse Toward the Civil War

Japan and China’s Post-WWII Relationship

Jews as Nazi Scapegoats

John Cabot – Another Successful Failure

The Kansas-Nebraska Act as Cause of Civil War

King Leopold the Poster Child of European Colonialism in Africa

The Knights of Labor from Savior to Enemy

Knights of Malta – Secret Society

Martin Luther’s Humanism Education

The Latest Fads Could Affect Your Book Sales

Length of Historical Papers

Light Needed for Reading

Make Notes Before You Write Your Novel

Many Styles of Editing

Market Your Book by Starting Somewhere Else

Market Your Book With a Launch Party

The Medieval Church’s View of Medicine

Medieval Medicine and the Roman Empire

The Mediterranean Triad

Middle Eastern Political Topics After WWI

The Minoans

The Most Valuable Resources: Employees

My Introduction to Piers Anthony

Myths Surrounding the Battle of Trenton

Narrowing Down the Cause of the Civil War

National Find a Rainbow Day

Native Response to European Settlement in America

The Nazi Need for Race

The Necessity of the Greek Dark Age

The Need for a Jewish Haven After World War II

Networking No-No: Inconsistency

New Criticism for “A Rose for Emily”

The Not So Dark Age of Greece

Opus Dei – Secret Society

The Order of the Skull and Bones

Origins of Carpetbagger

Overcoming the Fear of Reading Aloud

Overuse of ‘Said’

Painted Brick Wall Picture Writing Prompt

Paul vs. Jesus’s Teachings: Is There a Conflict?

Periods and Quotation Marks

Politic’s Stance Against Slavery

Poorly Proofread Books from Big Publishers

Possible Reasons for Trouble with Reading


The Problematic Elements of Intra-State Operations

Proper Sources for an Historical Research Paper

The Pros and Cons of Ending a Book With a Cliffhanger

Pull a Novel from Everyday Life

The Purpose of an Historical Research Paper

Realism in the Gilded Age Literature

Refreshing Honesty in the Algerian Resistance

Religion at Tintern Abbey

Revisionism of the Nanking Massacre

Role of Newspapers in American 1790s

The Role of the Author in Publishing and Marketing a Book

Roosevelt’s Reassuring Fireside Chats

Sad State of Adult Literacy

Samples of Confederate Losses

Samuel Adams as The Father of Liberty

Sea Dogs

Shapeshifters or Werewolves?

The Siege of Masada

Slavery in America – Through the 1800s

Slavery Justified Through the Life of a Slave

Sovereignty and Standby: The 1964 Conference on UN Peacekeeping Forces An Article Review

The Soviet Reason for Agriculture Collectivism

Stabilizing the American Economy After the Revolution

Starting Your Novel: How Do You Like Your Books to Start?

The Strength of Peter the Great of Russia

The Structure of Auschwitz Society of Death

Superstition and Medieval Medicine

Support for Shays’ Rebellion in the Declaration of Independence

A Survey of Great Historical Pieces of Literature

The Survival Of Rome Through the Middle Ages

The Theme of PTSD in The Sun Also Rises and in Hemingway’s Life

Tips for an Amazing Historical Research Paper

Top 10 Questions People Have About Bingo

Totalitarianism in Italy and Germany

Three Great Religions – One Common Ancestor

Treatment of Congo Natives

The Trepidation of the First Review

The Trojan War — Myth or Reality?

Trouble Reading Could be Dyslexia

The Trouble With Grammar

The Truth Behind the Princes in the Tower

Truth Versus Myth at the Alamo

Turkish Denial of Genocide Is a Black Spot

Types of Workplace Drama

Understanding the Abolitionists

The Umbrella Literature Genres

The United Nation’s Response to Torture

Unsolved Mysteries Writing Prompt: Lizzie Borden

The US Waiting to Enter WWI

Use LibraryThing to Market Your Book

Using a Thesaurus – Smile

Using Commas in a List

Value of Pre-Made Meals

Viewing Plymouth Rock Objectively

Vintage Automobile Picture Writing Prompt

Was Reconstruction a Noble Experiment?

The Weakening of Rome by Marius and Sulla

What Defines an Ethnic Story?

What Defines Gothic Literature?

What is History and How It Applies to Your Life

What Is So Attractive About Shapeshifters?

What Made the Holocaust Possible?

When Quotation Marks Should Be Avoided

Where Does One Start in Writing a Book?

The Whigs and Their Party

The Wonder of Ice Cream

Writing an Historical Research Paper