The Acts Church

Adam — The First Man

Arrogance vs. Humility

Barnabas — The Man of Encouragement

Biography of Cain

Christian Apostles

The Church of Today

Communication — Vital for a Leader

Courage —Christian Leadership’s Foundation

The Force of the Tongue

Initiative in Leadership From the Bible

Jesus’ Parables — The Good Samaritan

Jesus’ Teachings — The Beatitudes

Killers of the Church — The Tongue

Killers of the Church — Tradition

Mary Magdalene Was Not a Prostitute

The Miracle Of The Healing Of Peter’s Mother-in-Law

Miracles Of Jesus — Casting Out Demons Into Pigs

The Nature of God

The Nature of Jesus Christ

Parables of Jesus — The Great Banquet

Prayer as Currency

Spirituality and Religion — Are They the Same?